[Resolved] Home Assistant attribute events not firing

I have finally finished my migration from Hubitat to Home Assistant. I want to keep SharpTools as my dashboard but I’m having some problems related to entity attributes. Even when the attributes are shown as having event subscriptions in the things list (coloured in black) they still do not update on my supertile unless I force a sync by reauthorising. Has anyone else seen this kind of problem? Any help or advice welcome :slight_smile:

Are you using a Home Assistant Core / OS installation with the official Add-on? If so, have you tried restarting the add-on?

There’s also logging available on the add-on side that might be helpful. You can increase the logging level in the add-on options and you should be able to see when the events occur and if the add-on is forwarding the events.

Hey Josh. Thanks for coming back so quickly. I’ve restarted the add-on and switched logging to debug. The attributes are on a weather template I’ve built that updates every 15 minutes so I’ll keep an eye and see what happens on the next update.

I’m using haos on generic x86 with the official add-on.

Ok, the state change event was fired and forwarded to SharpTools, but the attribute values weren’t updated. I can see the state timestamp has updated but not the attribute values.

Can you send a note to support@sharptools.io with the Doc ID of the impacted device?

Will do. Thanks Josh :slight_smile:

And are some devices from this HASS instance updating status as expected and not others? If so, have you noticed any correlation between those that do update and those that don’t?

Sometimes I have noticed issues with elements of supertiles not updating and reauth’ing tends to sort that out. But TBH I noticed that with Hubitat as well. I’ve not noticed any issues with standard device tiles not updating though.

I am consistently seeing the main status value updating for the device in question, but not the attribute values. If I re-auth then the attribute values are refreshed.

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Here are the latest add-on log lines that reference the device.

2024-02-26 16:30:00 debug: Received state_changed event for sensor.met_office_forecast from HA.
2024-02-26 16:30:00 info: Send sensor.met_office_forecast's state_changed event to SharpTools.io.
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Thanks for the additional details. I understand that this met_office_forecast has issues with the states updating from HASS.

Are there other devices from Home Assistant that do update as expected?

Yup. Another device that is also based on a sensor template that uses state + attributes is also used in a supertile. The attribute values for that device seem to coming through ok.

I have emailed the links to the supertiles in question together with the yaml for each template sensor to support@sharptools.io.

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Just an update that xap resolved the issue. We believe a key change was updating the Home Assistant entity template to use snake_case instead of camelCase to match the Home Assistant style of attribute name definitions.

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