[Resolved] Google Network Issue and Impact to SharpTools.io

We received reports of intermittent service issues with SharpTools.io early this afternoon. Around 1:45 PM CST, we received automated notifications of increased latency as well as a few user reports of issues logging in or accessing their dashboards.

Upon further investigation, we identified that Google is having widespread network issues which are impacting large parts of the internet (including major services like Gmail, YouTube, Nest, Snapchat, Vimeo and more).

We are in communication with Google and are continuously monitoring the situation. We apologize for any inconvenience and will keep this thread posted with updates.

  • Update: Around 2:00 PM CST, systems seemed to stabilize and the vast majority of users reported that things are back to normal for them. Google has indicated there is still network latency impacting some regions including US East and Europe.

  • Update: Around 6:00 PM CST, Google has indicated that the network outage should be resolved for all affected users. Google is conducting an internal investigation and plans to make appropriate improvements to prevent or minimize future occurrence.