[Resolved] Fully Browser Update - "not compatible" with FireOS

Should have titled this “Fully Fouls Fire”.

Fully browser was automatically updated on my Fire tabs yesterday. Now a message appears at the bottom of dashboards stating, “This app is not designed for FireOS. Please check with fulllykiosk.com for the FireOS edition”. I have not found a way to eliminate the message. Very annoying!

I have not yet contacted Fully, but wondered if SharpTools staff might want to look into this as well since it will effect several users.

@Stan_Silverman, that just means the APK you installed is not for FireOS. You can download the APK for FireOS specifically from Fully Kiosk web site. See screenshot below.


Thanks, James! Sorry for the false alarm.

I wonder how I’ve been getting away with using the wrong APK this long…

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Has anyone else had the fully kiosk banner warning about saying you weren’t using a FireOS edition of Fully Kiosk? See image below. I was unaware that there was even one specific for Fire.

This is my third Amazon Fire I’m using as a smarthome tablet, and I followed the same procedures as the other two(which have no problems on them). This was downloaded with google play store and everything.
Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi @Jonathan_Canniff - I’ve merged your post in with another similar post to consolidate the discussion. Thanks for sharing the screenshot!

As you might have surmised, Full Kiosk Browser has a version that’s optimized for FireOS which can be downloaded directly from their website. It seems that the Google Play version of Fully Kiosk Browser was recently updated with a check that shows the warning in your screenshot when it’s used on a Fire tablet.

Disregard, found it haha thank you!

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If you have the google play store installed on your Fire tablet search for fully kiosk browser. Then in the upper right corner disable auto updates. If you don’t the google play store may update your Fire OS version also!