[RESOLVED] Do not see Bond devices

I see all of my devices form Smartthings, but I do not see my Bond connected fans. Is there something special I need to do to add them? I’ve tried manage connections to resync. No luck.


Nothing special needed.

You should just need to proceed through the authorization process starting from your SharpTools User Page → Manage Connections.

I don’t see any OAuth attempts from this account in the past several days. :thinking:

I’ve definitely done it several times.

Manage connections - Samsung Smarthings - select location, all boxes checked. - Authorize.

What now?

What SharpTools account was that on? And can you please provide the approximate time and timezone of the Manage Connections > Authorization action?

There are no authorization related entries in the logs for the SharpTools account associated with this community account nor the location associated with this community account… just the normal automatic daily token refresh…

Please keep in mind that as you’re on the free tier, there’s a limited amount of support we can provide. I would encourage you to read through the following help article:

:ring_buoy: Effective Ways to Seek Help and Troubleshoot

I just PM’ed you details.

Thanks for sharing the account details via PM. I’m not seeing any indication of the authorization being completed in our logs at that time.

Are you going all the way through the authorization flow and being returned back to SharpTools after tapping the Authorize button, where you see a device synchronization in progress then a success message like below?

Keep in mind that SmartThings has a known issue with some of their recent mobile apps where the SmartThings mobile app incorrectly intercepts the authorization flow and it doesn’t complete:

This was resolved in the SmartThings Android mobile app version 1.8.14, but I haven’t heard confirmation on a resolution for iOS.

As a workaround, you can do one of the following:

  • Complete the authorization in an incognito instance of your browser
  • Complete the authorization from a computer or device which doesn’t have the SmartThings Mobile app installed
  • Temporarily disable the “Open supported links” feature for the SmartThings mobile app on your device

That did it, I did the authorization from my laptop instead of my iOS device and now I see the bond devices, thanks!

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