[Resolved] Dashboard on Windows Phone - Stopped Working

Good day all. Now that you’ve stopped laughing at the title please read on. I have an old Windows Phone that I setup as my control panel in our guest room. Felt it was a great way to put to use an old device that otherwise would have been sent to the landfill. Anyway, it was working through Thanksgiving weekend and had been since I set it up to do so a couple months earlier. We had guests and they used it to control the lights in the room. However, the other day I went into the room and discovered that the phone was locked up on my sharptools guest room dashboard. I powered off/on only to find that it would not load even the Dashboard selection page. I tried a few things without any luck so I decided to do a factory reset on the phone. Still the Dashboard selection page will no load at all. My hub it the HE fully updated. I know there was an update to Sharptools in the last couple weeks but of course I have no idea if that would have caused the issue. FYI - all other pages at sharptools.io seem to load just fine. On the dashboard page I get the hamburger in the upper left and my profile picture in the upper right. Below that is just a dark grey blank screen. Using the Windows Phone built in IE app. Any thoughts on what might be causing this would be helpful.

Thanks and good day.

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Hey Gary! Thanks for posting and sorry to hear that things aren’t working as expected with Internet Explorer on your Windows Phone.

That’s great to see that SharpTools is helping keep some old electronics out of the landfill!

We had one other report from an Internet Explorer user who mentioned that their Surface RT quit loading dashboards with the latest update: Surface RT - Internet Explorer Dashboard Compatibility

We pushed an update to beta which resolved this for them and I’d hazard a guess that it might resolve things for your Windows Phone running Internet Explorer as well. I’ve added you to the beta - can you give it a try and let us know if that resolves things for you?

Ding, ding, ding…we have a winner. That did the trick mate. I will keep it on the beta version until you make the release official. Thanks for caring about your product and taking such quick action. You da man!


I also have an old Windows phone and couldn’t push myself to get rid of it. I will try to re-purpose it for Sharptools as well!