[Resolved] Bug? Rule Engine IF False Condition on Boolean Variable

Motivation is to to have a single toggle tile that turns on/off a group of lights.

I created a boolean variable that indicates if the lights are on/off.

If variable is true it means than lights are on, else they are off.

I created a rule that queries this variable,

if variable is True

then rule turns off light and

changes the variable to False

else rule turns on light and

changes the variable to True.

Somehow the rule does not work, through a tile.

I created a simplified version of this and it seems to work fine:

(No Triggers, just the following content in the flow)

Then I setup a separate Variable Tile and Rule Tile just to keep things simple:


Would you mind sharing screenshots of your Rule and Dashboard so we can help review?

Or feel free to send the IDs or the Rule and the Dashboard to @support and we can take a closer look for you.

Found the bug! :slight_smile:

Change the if clause to “if is False, then set true, else set false” - and it does not work.

It works on “if is True” case.


@Roy_Kfir, thanks for reporting the issue, and I apologize for the inconvenience this might caused. The issue has been identified and resolved now. Please go ahead to try it again and let me know if any questions.