Residio Thermostat not updating in Sharptools

I’ve just noticed that my Residio T9 thermostat is not updating in Sharptools. I can change settings of the thermostat in both the Residio app and SmartThings, but the changes do not display in Sharptools. Any suggestions on things to try? Thank you.

Honeywell WiFi thermostats update their data very infrequently in SmartThings. The only thing you can try is to setup a refresh rule in SharpTools to refresh the T9 data in SmartThings every x minutes.

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I would make sure to verify the second part of that.

SmartThings Wifi Integrations and Polling

As Paul alluded to, many of the Honeywell Wifi Integrations with SmartThings rely on some form of polling when the thermostat is controlled outside of the SmartThings ecosystem. For example, if you controlled the thermostat with the Resideo app or with and Alexa/Google connection directly to Honeywell/Resideo, those updates might not show up in SmartThings, and thus SharpTools, until the next time the device driver ‘polled’ for the update.

Typically if you control a device from within the SmartThings ecosystem, those updates would be tracked by SmartThings (though I’m not sure specifically with the T9). That means that as long as the device was controlled through the SmartThings mobile app or a SmartThings connected integration like SharpTools or Alexa/Google Home directly to SmartThings, then SmartThings would usually see the update and push it to connected integrations like SharpTools.

Verify SmartThings Sees Changes

In other words, make sure that SmartThings is seeing the changes first… if SmartThings doesn’t see the changes, then SharpTools won’t either if it’s sourcing the updates from SmartThings.

Further Troubleshooting

Try reauthorizing your connection to SmartThings as that will force a device sync.

If the device status doesn’t update after a device sync, you’ll want to make sure you’re still looking at the same device. For example, if the device was reonboarded to SmartThings, it may have received a new device ID.

Also verify that you can control the device from SharpTools and that the commands successfully go through and you can see the updates on the physical thermostat and in SmartThings.

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I deleted the thermostat from Sharptools and then re-added it. That seems to have solved to problem. Thanks!