Request: Tapping Media Tile as a Trigger

i Have a sensor that alerts me when a vehicle is approaching on my drive way. When I hear the beep made by the sensor alerting me of somebody’s coming I tap my camera media tile and it goes to full page view so that I can see the vehicle. This is so useful to my wife and I since the way our house and driveway is laid out we have no window view of our drive way. If it is possible to add an extra feature that would trigger the outside flood light on if it was after sunset. Also refresh the media image when the media tile is tapped.
Maybe add media tile as a trigger using the rules engine.

I am using 2 iPads and 1 fire tablet with sharp tools. I keep one iPad on a desk stand by my chair with the sharptools dashboard displayed any time we are up and about. The other I pad I use for surfing and mail and stuff. The fire tablet is on my night stand by my bed with the dashboard displayed 24/7.

Is it possible to trigger the media tile on the iPads remotely with the driveway sensor? The sensor has connection for relays.

I can do all these things now on my tv using SmartThings and harmony. Trouble is if tv is not on, by the time it turns on, switches to the camera view the person is already at the door. If it can be done with Sharptools on my devices it would be instant.

A big request i Know. You did say you like new ideas.

Thank you,

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If I understand correctly, there’s a few requests packed in here:

  • Turn the flood light on if it’s after sunset
    • Are you saying that if your sensor triggers the rule AND if it’s after sunset, you want the rule to turn the flood light on?
  • Add media tile as a trigger using the rules engine
    • Do you mean the ability to tap on a media tile and have it run a rule from the Rule Engine?
  • Refresh the media tile when it’s tapped
    • Based on our previous email discussions, I believe what you are asking for is an option to open the media fullscreen AND have it refresh at the same time.
    • Can you tell me more about what type of media you are viewing in your media tile? Is it an image snapshot that is refreshing periodically or an MJPEG stream?
  • Can you clarify what you mean by "Trigger the media tile on remotely with the sensor?
    • Are you perhaps saying that when the sensor detects motion that you want the media tile to open fullscreen?

One approach is to create another dashboard as a more detailed control panel around your camera feed.

On your main dashboard, you’d have all your normal dashboard items including your camera… then when you click on the camera, have it hyperlink to another dashboard which shows the camera as a really large tile and a few small tiles around the camera feed letting you take whatever action(s) you desire.

Here’s an example of what the result looks like:

For the rule, you could create a rule like the following which will turn on the flood light if the sensor is triggered AND it’s after sunset:

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Thanks for your reply,

Sorry I was confusing, not clear.

I now have a media tile that displays my outdoor camera image and refreshes every 10 secounds. When I tap the image it opens in a full screen view. When I tap the full screen view it goes back to the media small tile. If I go to edit mode on the tile it gives me three options as to what a tap will do. 1. Tap to refresh. 2. Open in a full screen view. 3. Link to a url. The way it is now I can only select one of the three options. I would like to be able to select open full view and refresh.

The second thing I would like to see happen is if it is after sunset and I tap the camera media tile is for it to: 1. Turn on outdoor flood lights. 2. Open camera image full page. 3. Refresh camera image.

It was my thought using the rules engine if media tile was added as an option for a trigger (when tapped) then the flood light thing could be easily set up. Or add some option in the media tile when it was in edit mode to be able select some action, virtual switch or activate a tile that I have labeled outdoor floods. lights, or link to my outdoor floods.

If this could be all done with the tap of the media tile then that would be great.

The last thing I think I was trying to ask is, is there a way to have a device that is on my Wifi network activate a tile (just like taping it) on my dashboard? I have a driveway sensor that when it detects a vehicle it beeps on my security keypad. I have a z-wave device connected to the relay output of this device so that when activated turns on my tv,switches hdmi output to that of my cameras, turns on the outdoor floods if after sunset. This is setup using smart things and harmony hub. I would like to do the same thing with sharp tools on my iPad. iPad would already be on and Sharp tools dashboard displayed.

I hope this all makes sense. It’s in my mind but some times hard to communicate it well.

Thanks, Terry

Thanks for the detailed response and the clarification. Most of the things you are asking for can be achieved with the approach I outlined above with having a separate dashboard to view a big version of the image.

Were you able to see the video showing the example in the previous post?

Here’s a mockup of what the dashboard showing a full sized image along with some controls looks like:

It’s basically just another dashboard with a really large view of the media tile and some small controls to take some quick actions or navigate back to the main dashboard. It gives you the best of both worlds of having a large ‘fullscreen’ view of the image while also being able to customize what quick actions you can take.

You could also then customize which ‘variant’ of the media you are viewing at that point. For example, you could change to a variation of that same camera feed with a faster refresh interval (eg. every second) or even switch to a live MJPEG feed.

If you use the approach mentioned above with a separate dashboard that simulates a fullscreen view of the media tile with small controls around it, then this part of the request becomes trivial on the Fire tablets. :smiley: Unfortunately, I don’t know of a kiosk app that has a REST API for iOS.

Since Fully Kiosk Browser has a REST API, you can create a Virtual HTTP Switch in SmartThings and have it change which dashboard is displayed. To do this, you would create a Virtual HTTP Switch using the code from the SmartThings community, then have that switch tell Fully which dashboard URL to load via the Fully REST API:


Then you would setup a rule to turn that ‘switch’ on whenever your sensor is tripped which would make Fully automatically open your fullscreen camera dashboard.

IF sensor is active THEN turn 'View Driveway Camera' on

For some reason I can not open the image link you provided. I tap on it and nothing happens. I will try the suggestion of having a separate dashboard.

Thank you

I noticed that you’re replying via email. Maybe try visiting the community and viewing the post directly to see if’s an issue with how your email client renders things? The original post is a short video clip showing it in action. :smiley: