Request: More design options on tiles


My first post. First of all, thanks for a great service for a decent price!

I would love to have more design options, for example

  • Change px size of tiles
  • More colors
  • Change label and content font size (px)
  • Maybe a free css override function per tile for each states?
  • When I don’t want a label I would like the content to center both vertically and horizontally in the tile.
  • I would like to be able to show later activities in the calendar than just the coming week

Again, thanks for a great service! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the feedback, Simon. We’ve noted the requests.

Regarding being able to specify the pixel size of the tiles, note that you can override the base tile tile size on the dashboard and specify a custom pixel size. Some people use this to specify a small base pixel size and then manually adjust each of their tiles in multiples of that.

Can you clarify what content that you’d like to change the size of?

Is this in reference to a specific tile? Most tiles that show an icon have their content vertically and horizontally centered within the tile. Hero Attribute tiles are currently slightly offset from the title to allow their content to become scrollable - perhaps we could look at adding some logic to take up the full height if the label is empty.

Like 1 month / 30 days?


I noticed that that can be made, but if I for example would like a low height banner on top, it would be nice to not adjust the whole base size. Would be nice to just set height of that. Maybe in multiples of compatible heights so it is harder to screw up the overall looks?

With content I mean for example the font size of the calendar activities and labels, or the label size of a temperature tile.

I noticed that in my temperature tile I didnt want a label but I couldnt remove it so I put a ’ ’ instead but then my temperature did not center vertically.

From what I can see the default is one week. I think (but you are the expert of your users) that that would be a great property for the users to set depending on how “full” your calendar is.


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Just circling back on this thread to note the release of the Themes and Styles feature which covers several of the requested features.