Request: Custom Default Bulb Glow Color

Thanks for the clarification, didn’t notice that until you pointed it out that it was an RGB bulb. Would be nice to be able to identify the default glow color for the whole dashboard down the road. In the meantime, I’m so impressed how this looks!

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First I’ve heard the request for it, so I’ll add it to the list. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think I’d want to complicate the Tile Editor with a configuration of the glow color per tile, but perhaps it would make sense as an ‘Advanced’ dashboard setting as you alluded to (or even profile setting).

I agree, wouldn’t make it a part of the individual tile editor…It makes more sense to live in the same place of the new background image selection. Thanks for the consideration.

Yea all of my bulbs show that greenish color when they’re in CT Mode. I would prefer that they either switch to a CT color (cold to warm) or just be a warm white glow/icon background. I use icon background as I didn’t like the glow myself, but I might on a transparent tile…

The glow is based on the color attribute (if the device reports it), otherwise it falls back to using the reported hue and saturation.

If I remember correctly, you mentioned that you have Philips Hue and Magic Home devices. Which one of these devices exhibits this behavior?

I’m guessing that the last known color for your device was greenish… if the device supports both color temperature and color control, I would have thought it would update the color/hue/saturation attributes even in CT mode. It looks like there is a Color Mode capability which reports a colorMode attribute that we might be able to use.

Can you PM me a screenshot of the attributes reported for your device?