Repurposed old tablet into Dashboard


Looks great on my Nexus 7. Need to find a mount for it and get a couple more tablets for media room and upstairs now.


Thanks for sharing James. What do you think about having the top nav bar hide if you use the fullscreen mode from the ... overflow menu?

That way you get an even more immersive experience and better use of the screen real estate.


Yeah, I’d like to hide the top nav bar if in full screen mode to get more space for the tiles.


What browser are you using?


@Jeffrey_Vingin it’s Google Chrome.


Looks good @James. Do you have to continuously log-in after long absences or does it persist the login forever?


@Frak_N, I am still in the middle of installing the permanent wall mount, so I don’t think I have run it long enough that I was asked to re-login. (I had ran it for a few days continuously without re-login though.)
Need to look into how long the cookie expires.


@Frak_N the sessions should persist until you explicitly sign-out.


I would like to remove the top bar too


Got the recessed outlet and mount installed last night. Using Fully browser on Fire HD 10". Looks pretty good.