Repurposed old tablet into Dashboard

Looks great on my Nexus 7. Need to find a mount for it and get a couple more tablets for media room and upstairs now.


Thanks for sharing James. What do you think about having the top nav bar hide if you use the fullscreen mode from the ... overflow menu?

That way you get an even more immersive experience and better use of the screen real estate.

Yeah, I’d like to hide the top nav bar if in full screen mode to get more space for the tiles.

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What browser are you using?

@Jeffrey_Vingin it’s Google Chrome.

Looks good @James. Do you have to continuously log-in after long absences or does it persist the login forever?

@Frak_N, I am still in the middle of installing the permanent wall mount, so I don’t think I have run it long enough that I was asked to re-login. (I had ran it for a few days continuously without re-login though.)
Need to look into how long the cookie expires.

@Frak_N the sessions should persist until you explicitly sign-out.

I would like to remove the top bar too

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Got the recessed outlet and mount installed last night. Using Fully browser on Fire HD 10". Looks pretty good.


Still working on colors and such but have 3 imbedded dashboards for lights, sensors and larger views of camera’s. I ended up placing this today. Its not permeant yet bc I might get a FHD10 on prime day :slight_smile:

The last update came at a great time as I was about to buy AT. I have not looked at the rules engine but on the list to play with.

Keep up the great work.


Looks awesome! I like the layout with the cameras/media around the corners. Thanks for sharing - and thanks for all the feedback!

2 questions.

I have a sonos and when i added it to ST tile it doesnt let me control it. I really liked that In AT.
Also, see the thermostat colors. mine arent triggering ‘active’ and changing colors. They should change when ‘cooling’ and ‘idle’ right?


Media Device tiles are on the list. What kind of tile layout and controls did you have in mind?

I don’t currently have the thermostat tiles report an active state, but that would be straightforward to add. Your thought is it would primarily be reported based on the state of cooling/heating vs idle?

I would like to push play on Sonos tile and start last played music. Tile that has a play button. Anything more is bonus. Skip/ff/volume etc.

It would be nice to activate a color when running and different when idle and really cool a different color when heat.

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What sort of charging cable do you use? From this photo its hard to judge. The setup looks awesome!

I got the Fire tablet mount from Bob, which includes the flat usb ribbon cable. Bob Strenger is the admin of the closed FB smartthings user group. And it looks like this one from Alibaba.

And this is the closest one I can find on Amazon.

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I’m trying to work out how to get full screen mode to work after the display shuts off and comes back on. I tried using fully browser, but it doesn’t support google login which is what I’m using. This is really the last hiccup I’m running into before my setup is ready to go.

You can either link another login type or change Fully Kiosk Browser to use a different user agent.

Link Another Account

  1. Sign in with your Google account from a normal browser
  2. On the User Profile page, tap the Link Email or Link Phone links
  3. Follow the steps to complete the linking
  4. Use the new account type to sign-in to SharpTools (on your Fully Kiosk device)

Fully Kiosk: Custom User Agent

  1. Slide out the left navigation on Fully Kiosk and select Settings
  2. Select Advanced Web Settings
  3. Scroll down to Fake User Agent String, tap it and then select a desired UA (eg. Safari 6 on iPad)
  4. Reload the login on Fully Kiosk (or close and re-open Fully Kiosk) and login with your Google account

Also take a look at the topic where the Full Screen features were released as there’s some good info there:

Note that you can either manually append ?kiosk=true to your dashboard start URL or if you have the Javascript Interface enabled in Fully Kiosk, you’ll see an option for Set as Start URL when you tap the ... menu on an item in the list of dashboards which sets that dashboard as your Fully Kiosk start URL (with it set to open in fullscreen/kiosk mode).