Replacing device with new device with same name

I have a Hue bulb that’s starting to have a mind of its own. It turns itself on at random times. It becomes active on the dashboard as if it was triggered to do so.

Here’s what I’ve done to conclude that the bulb is the culprit. No other Hue bulbs have ever exhibited this problem:

  • Rebooted the Hue hub
  • Rebooted Hubitat hub
  • Recreated the rules in Hubitat Rule Machine. (They were originally in SharpTools Rule Engine)

Seem to me that the problem has to be with the bulb itself.

My plan:

  • Remove bulb from Hubitat.
  • Install new bulb and discover it in Hubitat
  • Give it the same name as the defective bulb.
  • Reauthorize devices in Sharptools

Question: Will SharpTools dashboards and Rule Engine now substitute the new bulb for the old one, or will reprogramming be needed?

@Stan_Silverman, reprogramming will be needed for the newly added bulb because the device_id behind the device name will be a different id.

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Thanks. I was hoping for a different answer – but honestly expecting this one. We need something like a reverse phone number lookup!


"How many beers does it take to change a light bulb?"

The old days:

  1. Unscrew old bulb
  2. Screw in new one
  3. Drink a beer


  1. Unscrew old bulb
  2. Screw in new one
  3. Discover new bulb in Hubitat
  4. Authorize new bulb in SharpTools
  5. Find all dashboards that use the old bulb
  6. Add new bulb to dashboards
  7. Make all needed edits to new bulb, e.g., change layout
  8. Remove old bulb from dashboards
  9. Search rules to find all that use the old bulb
  10. Replace old bulb with new bulb in rules
  11. Disable Hubitat skill in Alexa app
  12. Enable Hubitat skill in Alexa app
  13. Ask Alexa to Discover Devices
  14. Change all Alexa routines that use old bulb
  15. Add new bulb to appropriate Alexa group
  16. Test and adjust dashboards and Alexa
  17. Hey! I forget Google!
  18. Drink a beer
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It will be great if dashboards/rules will have the option to reference devices by name instead of id.

When you have many devices with almost the same number of rules and dashboards quite often one of the devices connection is lost, requiring you to remove/add it and go thru the entire process of amending rules and dashboards.