Replacing device output strings?

Hi, I have several devices that display less-than-helpful status messages (my Husqvarna lawnmower displays “Restricted” sometimes, for example). Is there a way to do an "If device reports STRING A, output STRING B in the tile instead? For example:

If device reports “RESTRICTED” (that’s string A)
Display “Schedule stopped” (that’s string B) in the tile instead

Is this doable?


  • Asbjoern

I think you could create the If…then logic in a rule to set a variable…then display the variable in the tile. Would that work?

Thanks John, that sounds promising! Do you have any examples of how to set that up?

Go here to create a new rule: SharpTools App
Then click the three dot menu icon in upper right area and select “Manage Variables”
Then click Create Variable button
Give it a meaningful name (like LawnMowerStatus) and a type of Text
Close Variable dialog box
In the Create Rule dialog, fill it out with something like below…of course I don’t have your devices or know the status values, so you’ll need to adjust to your device/needs

Then simply add a tile with the type of variable and select your LawnMowerStatus variable…edit the tile to give it a title and maybe an icon.

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