Repeated login from iOS homescreen

I am not able to add the app to my iOS homescreen. I navigate to in Safari, login and navigate to my dashboard. I pull down to refresh, then click the share button and select “add to Homescreen”. When I click to open the app from the homescreen, I am directed to the login page and have to complete the login process. Is there no way to stay logged in and go straight to the Dashboard from my the app on my homescreen?

Hey Scott - welcome to the community and thanks for posting. Sorry to hear that things aren’t working as expected.

Can you share more details about your iOS device? What device is it and what OS version is it running?

I wasn’t able to reproduce this on a test device running iPad OS 16. When I followed the steps, if I did not refresh the page before using the Add to Homescreen option, I would see an issue similar to what you were seeing where it would add the first page I viewed from SharpTools to my homescreen (in my case, it was my user page). But when I did a full page refresh and then did the Add to Homescreen, it worked as expected where it linked directly to my desired dashboard.

I briefly tried to show this in my video below, but the cursor doesn’t show up to highlight it, so here’s some screenshots. When I first did the Add to Homescreen, you can see the URL that Safari shows is, but when I refresh the page and try again, I can see that the URL is correct.

image image

Keep in mind that after you use Add to Homescreen, Safari creates the shortcut in its own ‘sandbox’, so you’ll have to login at least once, but it should remember your login after that.

Thanks so much Josh - you fixed my issue.

This was the issue - I had just stopped when I got the prompt to login. Facepalm. After logging in once, it works every time. Thanks so much for your help.

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