Repeat light off and on on a looping timer?

I have a heater for my lizard aquarium. Is there a way to turn a switch on for 10 min then off for 10 min and to keep repeating this indefinitely? I was looking to set up a rule but cant seem to figure out this situation. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

Hi, you can program an IF rule with a nested THEN that that never stops: Light On, waits 10 minutes and then Light Off and waits other 10 minutes and repeat, also create a virtual switch that triggers this rule but stop it too via the virtual switch when its necessary.

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I’m having a bit of trouble following. I make one. If light is on for 10 minutes then turn off. Then I make a second if light is off for 10 minutes then turn on? All in one rule?

I think this is what @Carlos_Juarez suggested:

  • Trigger: When the light/heater is changed to “on”
  • Flow: Delay 10 minutes, turn light/heater/ “off”, delay another 10 minutes, and turn light/hearer “on” (this last action will trigger this rule again, and loop.)

And you can add an IF_Condition using a Variable or Virtual Switch in the beginning of the Flow to control if you actually wants to “disable” all the activities in the flow. So if you don’t want it to be turn off 10 minutes later and loop, you flip this Variable or Virtual Switch so none of the activities will be executed.

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@James That makes sense now. I see how its working. Thanks for the help/