Reolink NVR setup for video streaming to the dashboard

Make sure to check the help article about the Force Refresh setting associated with Auto Refresh linked above. Your NVR may have a strict URL implementation that’s causing the issue when the Force Refresh option is enabled.

I couldn’t get the video to load. From your PM, it looked like the stream wasn’t loading at all even just in the preview window. If that’s the case, make sure to check the Google Chrome - Mixed Content - Media Not Showing thread mentioned above (assuming you’re using the exact URL you are able to load directly in your browser).

But if the media stream does load when you first load the dashboard and only has issues after the autorefresh interval, check the Force Refresh help article linked above.

Maybe new and interesting problem I encountered after updating the firmware on my NVR:

Previously, I had force refresh enabled, and everything worked as expected. I updated the NVR firmware this morning and now the only way I can get the images to load is by having force refresh disabled. They load, but there’s about 10-20s delay between what’s happening and what’s showing up on the refreshed images, where previously there was maybe a 2-3s delay.

If I have it force refresh on - the image will not work on my laptop or on any of my dashboard tablets.