Removing status text from a tile?

Hi, Is there a way to remove the status of “on” or “off” from a tile? Capture1
It is linked to a virtual switch in SmartThings for a Merros garage door opener. It works great, it’s just that “on” and “off” are irrelevant in this scenario. thanks

@J_Skron, you can create a custom style, and apply this custom style in these tiles, and then hide the footer text using the Custom CSS feature. See details in the thread below, and the custom CSS should look like this. (--them-style-hide-footer-value is based on your custom style’s name.)

.–theme-style-hide-footer-value.tile .tile-footer{display:none;}

*Any custom CSS snippets provided are not officially supported and may have to be tweaked as new platform updates are released.


That worked perfect, Thanks!

You can do this within a normal Tile Style too. Add a customization for Footer Color to the style and set it to transparent.

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