Removing scroll bars when in Kiosk mode, but not specific to iFrames

Anyone know how to do this? The way I am running this on a Pi 3 with 7" touchscreen and access an openbox config via SSH to set my URL just sets this parameter:

export KIOSK_URL=

Can I set a “no scroll” to this somehow? What are my choices here? FYI, I used this link to set this up

You could use the Custom CSS feature of Themes and Styles to accomplish this. For example, the following will hide the scrollbars only when the browser is in fullscreen mode.

:fullscreen body {
    overflow-y: hidden;

If the browser isn’t running as fullscreen, you may have to adjust accordingly.

:warning: Any CSS snippets provided are not ‘officially’ supported and may need to be adjusted with future platform updates.