Remove footer for one specific tile?

Is there a way to do custom styling on one specific tile?

For example, I have one tile where I want to remove the “state” text at the bottom. It says “On” or “Off” but that’s not how I’m using it - it’s a virtual switch that’s indicating whether the vacuum bin is full or empty.

I was able to use .tile .tile-footer { display: none } to remove the footers from ALL tiles, but I just want to remove it from this one.

Any way to do so?

You can use a custom style and set the footer size to zero or transparent color.

Try this
.tile.--theme-style-(*style name of your tile*) .tile-footer {display: none; }

You can either wrap the text in backticks or highlight the text and tap the </> button in the forum’s editor toolbar to treat it like code. :slight_smile:

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I was wondering how to do that. Thanks for the lesson!

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That did it, thank you! Your “the hyphen before theme should be 2 hyphens” comment confused me (because it is 2 hyphens in your example), but then I realized you probably went back and fixed it after posting.

Anyway, for future readers, here is what the actual code looks like, using Terri’s suggestion:

.tile.--theme-style-alert-no-footer .tile-footer { display:none }
.tile.--theme-style-default-no-footer .tile-footer { display:none }

(My two custom tile styles are named “alert-no-footer” and “default-no-footer”)

Thank you.

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Sorry about that. I did go back and change it and forgot to delete that part. I’ll edit it now :slightly_smiling_face: