Remotec ZRC-90 Scene Master


Is there any integration for the Remotec ZRC-90 Scene Master it’s a great 24 button scene selector that I use to turn on various lights in the house. Haven’t been able to find any integration help.


Devices aren’t integrated into SharpTools directly. SharpTools hooks the capabilities exposed by, in your case, the SmartThings hub. So whatever SmartThings exposes to SharpTools should be available to you.

Unfortunately very shortly, Samsung is going to deprecate Groovy, the language in which the code you quoted is written, in favor of Lua and Edge Drivers. So you will need to determine if an Edge Driver is available for that controller. Once the device is running under Edge, you’ll be able to see what capabilities are exposed for SharpTools to use.

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Thank you. OK so this post at the bottom of that thread makes a little more sense now. Maybe this will allow it to work come January 1st.

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