Remember Login in Modal Window

I’ve been using the modal hyperlink feature to open up dashboards in a window instead of a new page.

For example I was working on a remote tile that would open up a remote dashboard in a modal window.

However I notice that it doesn’t remember the sharptools login info and I need to re-authenticate in the model window.

Could a feature be added where the information could be remembered?

Or maybe add the modal option to the dashboard tile so the new dashboard opens in a window and have the login info remembered?

(This may be two requests)

Thanks for posting! What browser are you using?

SharpTools logins are already long lived, so my suspicion is it’s something to do with the browser / browser settings.

I’m using it on my iPhone with iOS 14. I have a sharptools dashboard set up as a Home Screen shortcut and run it in kiosk mode.

If I launch it for the first time, I have to login again with a modal link. It will continue to work while it is open. .

Once I close the app fully and relaunch it, the prompt comes back.

Interesting. So when you open the Home Screen shortcut to your dashboard for the first time, it’s still logged in… but only when opening a Hyperlink Tile configured as a Modal it prompts you to log in again?

iOS has some quirky restrictions on apps that are loaded in ‘standalone’ mode (eg. Home Screen shortcut) and I suspect that they are treating the iframe that gets loaded separately from the main app and aren’t saving those credentials.

I’ll test it out and see if I can reproduce. My suspicion is that’s just going to be a limitation of the iOS Safari in Standalone mode and I think the feature request would be to render the linked dashboard directly within the SharpTools app in a modal (more complex) rather than just opening it in an iframe (straightforward).

Correct. It’s never easy is it?

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I have a similar situation with Fire tablets.

Periodically a table begins misbehaving. Example: shuts down even though Fully-Kiosk browser is configured to keep screen on. A less frequent experience is for the table to continually reboot.

Often a manual power-off sequence will get things back to normal, but eventually clearing the cache is needed which means login credentials are lost. Fully-Kiosk browser can automatically reload, but Sharptools requires re-submitting credentials. Would be nice if there was a way to login to Sharptools without this step. Windows has this capability.