[RELEASED] Pick different Sounds for different Pushover notification actions

Hi Sharp Tools Team, I think you are doing a great work, I wish you can solve the issue about STHM and New App API connection in order to add “Automatizations” to our dashboards for example.

In other issue I would like to suggest to add a “Sound type” parameter for Notifications, in my case I am using Push Over, to let user select the type of sound required for each action, I checked in Push Over API and there are many options to pick up different sounds for notifications, for example for simple not urgent actions user can select “bell” sound but for urgent or emergency action (like alarm going off) user can pick up a “horn” sound to get attention of the user when advice gets to its mobile. I hope that could be a good idea for your project.


Thanks for the feedback, @Carlos_Juarez! We’ve noted the request and will leave the thread for further feedback from the community. :slight_smile:

This feature has been released in the following thread:

Pushover Notification Sound Support