Refresh Music Player Tile

My set-up is Hubitat with HEOS .

I’ve a Denon HEOS AVR and 2 other separate HEOS Speakers.

What I am trying to find out how to do is get the music player tile to refresh when a track changes on the device.

I have to manually open the file and hit refresh to get an update to the the track information etc.

Hi @Edward_Brown - welcome to the community and thanks for posting.

If you check the device details screen within Hubitat directly, are the attributes updating?

SharpTools should automatically get the updated status of the relevant attributes as soon as they change in Hubitat. The ‘Refresh’ option in the dialog of the Music Player tile literally sends the ‘refresh’ command to the device… so it almost sounds like the device is not updating the attributes in Hubitat until the refresh command is sent.

So the first step would be figuring out why the device isn’t updating the attributes as expected (assuming you confirm that with the device details screen in Hubitat directly).

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Ah - that does seem to be the problem. It’s not refreshing on hubitat either when the track changes.
I can write a rule to refresh on hubitat as a work around if I don’t find the root issue.