Redirect to a dashboard after 30 seconds of inactivity

Is there a way to redirect to a particular dashboard (security) if there is no activity for a number of seconds on another dashboard (home, interior lights, exterior lights)?

Thank you

If you install Fully you can do that. You set an idle timer of 30 seconds (or whatever time you want) and select the option to reload your home dashboard when the timer expires.

There’s also options to bring your home dashboard back to the foreground if you’re in another app. I have tile links to apps such as Sonos, Hik-Connect etc and use that as well. Clicks in the other apps can reset the idle timer to stop it jumping back while you’re still using it.

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Hi John,

Where exactly I can do that?

So you install the Fully Kiosk Browser. It’s an Android app (I didn’t think to ask if you were using Android or iOS). You can get it on the Google Play Store or if you have an Amazon Fire you can install it from the apk file available on their website here:

There’s a charge for a lifetime license (per device) I forget how much but it’s under £10 / $10. It has loads of features that help get the most from SharpTools.

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Hi John, we use Apple products here at home. iPhone and iPads. I was just checking the Kiosk app and I do not think they make it for iOS, is that right?

Yeah Fully Kiosk is Android/Fire only. There is something similar for iOS - ‘kiosker’ but I’ve never used it, so I’m not sure whether it has any idle timer settings like Fully does.