Recommended Cameras / MJPEG

I currently have a mixture of camera, 2x cheap Reolink and 1x Hikvision.
I am currently running these through tinycam but it doesnt seem to be as reliable as I would like.
I have the option of installing Blue Iris as i do have a license, but would like to avoid a PC on 24/7.

Are there any camera that support a direct MJPEG stream into Sharptools? Indoor and Outdoor ones?
I am not looking for any additonal camera features, only the ability to show it on a dashboard.

As I wanted a camera, but also wanted to show them on my dashboards, I immediately went with blue iris and a server. Works like a breeze. I think it’s the easiest solution.

PS, since the PC is on the same LAN as the hub, you can use it for all kinds of automations or help do things you couldn’t otherwise. For example there is a great integration for Blue Iris, which can read the alerts and transmit them to virtual Smartthings motion detectors. Or check what devices are connected, to create a presence sensor when your phone connects to your home wifi.

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I have setup blue iris and have my camera now running through that, next step is to get the link working in my dashboards…

I use Hubitat now rather than Smartthings but will look to see what can be done with this

These posts might be helpful to you:

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I forgot the way these were added after I sent my Reolink cameras back (apparently they’re crap), now I installed new cameras and unwittingly gave them the same names. So yesterday night I passed my dashboard and was like, ooooh, they already work :rofl:

Got mine all added. 3x reolink cameras through blue iris.

What make do you use now?
I’ve used Hikvision in the past but prefer the reolink at the minute

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I used Reolink at my last home and was generally pleased with the price/performance of them.

When we moved to the new house, I picked up some wired Eufy cameras for the kids rooms and battery powered Eufy cameras for outdoors (similar to Arlo).

The wired ones have always-on RTSP streams and the battery powered ones are unique in that they have an RTSP stream through their base station (it basically just shows the stream when motion is detected). I originally picked those since they have RTSP and I planned on adding them to my dashboard, but I realized our usage was different in the new house and it freed up some space for other content. :slight_smile:

The Reolinks perform quite badly under low light. And mine kept triggering events, simply because the image would blur, go grey or part of the image started to wander away. Has to do with the iframes being out of sync and Reolink doesn’t support changing that. Especially an issue for Blue iris.

Now I have a Dahua and a Hikvision, to try it all out a bit.