Reaction Speed to Tile being Pressed

Hi All, First post so hope it’s appropriate. I am loving Sharptools and have as a result invested in 5 x Fire 10 HD’s to have as control panels in throughout the house.

One thing I am finding is that the reaction to pressing a tile and the “Command Sent” is about 7-8 seconds.

I have looked at various posts relating to Spacer tiles etc and had no luck, so in an act of desperation, I have created a single tile dashboard with one socket (Smartthings).

I press to turn it on or off and a little circle in the bottom left of the tile spins for about 8 seconds and then it says command sent and the switch reacts immediately.

I have tried this on various devices:

Ipad pro (safari and Chrome)
Iphone Pro 12 (safari and chrome)
Gaming Laptop (Very Fast) (Chrome / Edge)
Fire 10" HD (2021 version) (Silk / Chrome)

so I don’t think it is anything to do with the device.

I have 500+Mb/s Broadband and a sub 10ms ping

It’s not a deal breaker because what is a few seconds, but I would love it to be a little more reactive.

Any help appreciated.


Hi Ben-
Welcome to the community and thanks for posting. Sorry to hear that things are running slower than expected.

If you don’t mind, I’m going to reach out via PM to collect a few more details to see if we can track down what’s going on. Device commands shouldn’t take 7-8 seconds, so something doesn’t seem to be working as expected. For reference, device commands to my SmartThings hub take 500ms or less on average.

If you control a device from SmartThings directly (eg. via their mobile app), do you see the state update fairly instantly in SharpTools?

Sorry missed the SmartThings question. Yes smart things works normally and the tiles update in about half a second from a device state change. It seems more that sharp tools is doing something before it sends the command to/via smartthings.



Thanks for the confirmation. Based on your permission from the PM, I pulled logs and can see that the request is hitting the SharpTools servers without delay and immediately sending the request, then waits the whole time for SmartThings to respond. :frowning:

Do you have any other SmartApps installed and have you noticed any performance issues with those (especially Groovy SmartApps and especially ones with HTTP endpoints)?

Are you familiar with the SmartThings IDE Live Logs? I’m wondering if you could monitor the live logs while sending a command and if there are any clues there.

Hi Josh - no I’m not familiar with live logs - but if you point me in the right direction I’ll have a try. I have just deleted a smart app which was used to turn some garage lights on with motion and then after 1 minute of no motion turn them back off… this is a bit out of date as you can now achieve this with standard automations. This seems to have got the response time down to 4 seconds - so going in the right direction :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your help on this topic - I’m impressed with the whole platform :slight_smile:



The Finding Your Log Information section of the following post covers the high level steps.

The short version of it is:

If you have a lot of events in your system, you might want to filter down to the SharpTools SmartApp directly by tapping it’s name at the top (the name will show up after the first event for the SharpTools SmartApp has been logged).

That’s really interesting that deleting another SmartApp improved the performance of the SharpTools queries. :thinking:

Hi Josh - I seem to be back to 7-8 seconds - not sure where to look next - would you mind pointing me in the direction of the logs so that I can try to investigate - TIA


Hi @Ben_Nibbo.
When you login to the SmartThings IDE site (, you can click on the Live Logging at top as shown in the screenshot below and investigate there. If you can take a few screenshots with and without filtering the logs to SharpTools while you are having this 7-8 seconds delay and post here, we’d be glad to take a look as well.

Hi - Thanks again - not exactly sure what you are looking for so will start with this :slight_smile:



@Ben_Nibbo, thanks for the log screenshots. It is interesting that it took 3-4 seconds between received command from SharpTools and the event message from the device, which should be just a few milliseconds.

Can you please help wit the following troubleshooting information:

  1. Take a screenshots of all the installed smartapps from the SmartThings IDE site. So we can see whether we can reproduce the same issue by installing the same smartapps.
    Tap My Locations a top, select your location, then List SmartApps at the bottom of the page. See the screenshot blow for example.

  2. Can you create a standard Virtual Switch in SmartThings, authorized to SharpTools, watch the Live Logs while controlling this virtual switch from SharpTools, and take screenshots for the logs as you did previously? We’d like to know if there is any performance difference between the real vs virtual device.

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Hi James – Thanks again for looking into this!

These are my Smartapps:

I have created a smart Switch:

I have then Created a dashboard with just the switch on:

Then I have turned the switch on and back off again :

Hope that is what you were looking for?

Kind regards


Thanks for the additional screenshots. It seems the latency occurred for the virtual switch as well, and you have pretty clean smartapp installations.

Can you try the following troubleshooting steps? I’d like to know if this latency issue can be reproduced with the IFTTT smartapp as well.

:information_source: IFTTT allows 3 free applets

  1. Go to, login, tap Explore at top, and search for SmartThings, tap "Settings at top right, and then Reconnect in the next page.

  2. Authorize the virtual switch you just created to IFTTT

  3. Create a new applet. Use Webhook and Receive a web request as the trigger, and input test a the Event Name in the next page.

  4. Choose SmartThings and Switch on as the action, and select the virtual switch in the next page

  5. Continue to finish the applet creation

  6. Go to to open the IFTTT maker page, tap on Documentation in the middle to view the IFTTT’s webhook endpoint.

  7. Add the event name test as previously configured in the webhook testing field. Open SmartThings IDE site’s Live Log page side-by-side. Click on “Test it” in the IFTTT maker page, and count how long it takes before you see the “Event data successfully posted to” in ST Live Log. Please not that, IFTTT smartapp doesn’t post extra log messages, so you would have to manually count the time, and you can clear the log messages between your tests to give you a cleaner view.

From my 20 tests, I was able to see the “event data posted to” within 1-2 seconds, and most of the time was around 1 second. I am curious if it will be 3-4 seconds in your case.