Quiet Mode for Skybell


I have a Skybell door ring and I had some automation in webcore to turn quiet mode on and off depending of the time of the day (when my kid is sleeping)

I see my device in sharptools, but the quietMode (or something similar) doesn’t seem to exists. Is there a way to achieve this ?


Is the device using a Groovy Driver or Edge Driver?

From what I see, I doesn’t have the ‘drivers’ option on the device in smartthings, so I’m guessing that it’s still a groovy

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Can you see the contents of the quote? The rest of the thread is a beta for existing SharpTools Users with a legacy Groovy connection (happy to add you if you’re curious).

If the device uses a custom command without defining a custom capability, then that feature will stop working in the ‘next-gen’ SmartThings platform as their new platform relies on capability definitions.

If it’s backed by a Groovy DTH, then it will stop working completely on September 30th. I’m not sure who owns the Skybell integration, but have you reached out to Skybell or SmartThings support to see if the device will still be supported once Groovy shuts down?

I will try
Didn’t had a lot of feedback from ST support, but will give them a chance lol