Quick Variable Question

Hubitat hub used to create a Hub variable (STRING). Saved as a ‘Thing’ device & added to the SharpTools app. for Hubitat.

Within a Super Tile, when using the variable %time% within a STRING - neither AM or PM gets displayed, just the time itself. Am I using the wrong syntax somewhere/somehow?


The %time% string gets parsed on the Hubitat side of things. Do you see the AM/PM designation within the source variable and the source variable connector ‘thing’? Based on the rule screenshot, it doesn’t look like it’s including the am/pm designation.

I don’t personally use Hubitat Rules, so I can’t speak to what their built-in variables support, but perhaps some of our other Hubitat users could chime in?

Edit: the documentation doesn’t seem to indicate what the format of the %time% variable is, but it also mentions a %now% variable. I understand the meaning is slightly different, but I wonder if the formatting is any different?

It works now that I changed the value from %time% to %now% & then selected how I’d like that variable to be displayed (to include am/pm).

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