Questions about STHM

I had event last night where my alarm went off - turned out one of my wired sensors decided to open for whatever reason! (I’ll have to investigate that separately)
Anyway - my question relates into the interaction of the STHM with SharpTools panel:
From half-asleep I was struggling to get it silenced - I disarmed via the panel, but the sirens continued (they are set for 3 mins in the STHM config) i.e. disarming the alarm did only that, did not stop the sirens from sounding (My Home Screen on all my Wall Tablets are the ones shown below)

So my first thought is, I should be able to set up a Rule in Sharptools, that flows essentially, when ‘disarmed’ then Turn Off siren(s) directly - yes? (there may be some IFTTT variables I need to include but the gist is to turn off sirens - if sounding - when the STHM is disarmed). This is probably the easiest way to go so that the SharpTools Rule operates in background when the STHM is disarmed

Within the STHM I could not see any setting that would do that by itself - I’m not sure what would have happened if I had dismissed the intrusion alert in the STHM after it was first triggered (my response on trigger is to turn on all the lights then delay 30 secs THEN turn on sirens) - so essentially I have 30 seconds to disarm it before the noise-makers kick off! (Trying to figure out how to silence the alarms from SmartThings while my head was scrambling with Sirens blaring was not productive!)
So my second question relating to within the STHM itself - without creating a SharpTools Rule to turn off the Sirens directly, what would the mechanism be to disarm it within the STHM whereby it would inhibit the siren responses?
But you can’t include the STHM panel directly into Sharptools, right? Just the Arm/Disarm functions?
Or Dismiss the Intrusion Alert via SharpTools either?
(I’d kinda like to keep the Intrusion Alert anyway, to see what tripped it but not sure if that would have inhibited the sirens if dismissed?)

(this SmartThings screen below was obviously the ‘old’ version of the App before they ‘improved’ (sic) it! )

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Yes, to my best knowledge, you will need to setup an automation or SharpTools rule to turn the siren off when STHM is set to “disarmed”.

I am not aware of any settings in STHM itself to turn the siren off when disarmed.

Correct, you cannot dismiss the alert from anywhere outsider STHM itself in the app.

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This should suffice I would think?
Actually the ‘If’ conditions are probably not really necessary as it wouldn’t really matter if it sent an ‘off’ command, even if sirens were not already on …

(My disarmed simulated ‘switch’ is actually a simulated ‘lock’ - that way it can be pin protected in Alexa for a secure spoken disarm via that medium)

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Yeah this should work, and I personally would just skip the IF condition and set the sirens off directly as you mentioned. :grinning:

Maybe my way means some tip for you my friend, I had test it and works fine 100%. My wife also make me test it once per week when she forgets disarm the alarm when she runs out to her job and she is late… :sweat_smile:

1- Alarm is triggered off by STHM, trigger STHM action switches ON a virtual button named “PANIC”, also there is a tile for this button in dashboards as an EMERGENCY BUTTON.
2- ST Automation when virtual button “PANIC” switches ON triggers the Sirens and Emergency Lights scene.
3.- In Sharptools when PANIC switches ON sends a Pushover Emergency Highest Priority messages.
4.- In Sharptools Dashboard there is another momentary virtual button named “PANIC OFF Switch”, we can silent panic scenes including sirens with this virtual switch from dashboards.
5.- In Sharptools there is also a rule named “PANIC OFF with DISARM”, Trigger is Disarm switch, IF Panic Button is ON, then Push PANIC OFF Switch (in this way you can turn off panic scene with disarm switch in your dashboard).
6.- In ST there is an automation PANIC OFF: If PANIC OFF Switch is ON then silent panic scene including sirens. (this automation could be triggered with Panic Off Button or Disarm Switch)

Hope this helps !.


Coincidentally just saw this today


    1. Turn on/off sirens or switches using Alexa voice commands

Could be useful asset
The security factor is concern though - it also means a miscreant could also just say ‘Alexa turn off sirens’ …

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