Question on Ambient Weather Integration

I currently have ambient weather pool thermometers and am looking at getting the ambient weather ws-100 wifi module.

This is supposed to work with their api and readings can be displayed on the dashboard. I am hoping some can give me some guidance on if/how to get this working before I purchase the wifi module.

Ambient Weather API documentation

I am using SmartThings and don’t want to use the current groovy based integration since it will be going away soon anyway.

Thank in advance

From a quick search, it doesn’t look like there’s a next-generation SmartThings integration yet. Have you reached out to Ambient Weather to see if they plan on creating an integration?

Their API documentation doesn’t mention anything about CORS restrictions, so I suspect it could be used in a Custom Tile in SharpTools. Of course that would require some developer skills to create a Custom Tile though.

Yes and they don’t have any plans moving forward.

I was afraid of that.