Question Mark Tiles

I have 2 garage door tiles. Click the tile to open/close. The tile changes color based on a sensor on the door telling me if it is open or closed.

I’ve been getting “?” On those tiles lately. I’m assuming this means it doesn’t know what the status of the door sensor is. I can still open and close by tapping the “?” Tile.
The doors ARE properly reporting open/close status within smart things.

Any suggestions where to start troubleshooting?

The “?” Do eventual Go away….sometimes after a min or so….sometimes much much longer.

Are those perhaps Super Tiles?

The Super Tiles will display a ? if the underlying Super Tile isn’t loaded yet. Keep in mind that Super Tiles operate a bit differently than other tile types. Most resource types like Things, News Feeds, Calendars, etc are all loaded when you first open the SharpTools web app, but Super Tiles and Custom Tiles are a bit unique in that they are loaded on demand.

Has anything changed with the network connectivity of the device that is loading those dashboards?

Yes, you are correct. Those are super tiles. That was the only way I could figure out how to do what I was trying to do.

Nothing changed with connectivity of the device. I’m loading those dashboards on my iphone. Happens if I’m on wifi and also if I’m on cellular.

It is a fairly new issue. Was working rock solid for months. Than just the past few weeks started doing this.

Having said that…I am making the large assumption that I need a supertile to do this. I have this one tile “attached” to two different smartthing devices. When I touch the tile, it controls one device. However, the “open/close” (with applicable colors) reported state of the tile gets its status from a different device. This has to be done via a super tile, correct?

I’ve had some supertiles doing this the past week, too. But nothing has changed in config or network that I know of. It doesn’t happen often (and it only seems to be on one of the dashboards), but I’ll see if I can figure out why.

@Brent_Haag what hub are you using? I’m using Smart Things?

Also, I’ve noticed it has gotten a lot better over the past few days. Still not 100%, but much much better.

Have you noticed yours starting to work better too?

Yes, I’m using SmartThings. I agree, it lasted a few more days with random question marks, but seems to be working great the past few days.

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