Question: can a Sharptools dashboard function without an internet connection?

Newb to Sharptools here, and new Hubitat user. I am considering purchasing Sharptools, but my implementation in Hubitat would have to also work when there is no internet connection.

Is this possible?

Welcome to the community and thanks for posting.

SharpTools communicates with Hubitat using the Hubitat Cloud Relay - which requires internet.

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I see. So, once I create a dashboard, it is not saved and somehow resident locally, as I understand the rather clumsy hubitat Dashboard is.

Right, the Hubitat dashboard runs locally on the Hubitat hub. SharpTools requires internet connectivity to talk to your hub through the Hubitat Cloud Relay.

Gotcha! Thanks for the instant replies! You folks are impressive!

My home regularly loses internet connection, so internet independence for the majority of functions is critical.

Thanks again!

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