Pushover - How to add second device to be notified


How can I add a second (phone) (device) etc. so when I create a rule I can select multiple people to get the push notification using Pushover? Currently I only have mine. I do not see how to include anyone else. It must be possible as when I select “NOTIFICATION” in Sharp Tools (while creating a rule), it asks me to select all to be notified. I can currently only notify myself. Not good!

You have to add the devices to the same Pushover account first. Once they show up in the Pushover interface, you should see them in SharpTools too.

So my first mistake was setting them up with their own Pushover accounts? I did not see a way to add another device to my Pushover account.

There’s a few different ways to handle this. The best approach will depend on your needs.

For me, I’ve found it easiest to just sign into the same Pushover account across all of the devices – even if it’s my wife’s device, for example. That way all the devices show up under the one Pushover account and I can easily use that one account in SharpTools and just check the boxes on the devices I want to send the message to.

You can have a separate Pushover account for each distinct user. You can then add those users all to the a Delivery Group in Pushover… then you can use the Group Key instead of a User Key when setting up your Pushover integration in SharpTools. The downside to this approach is it always broadcasts to everyone within the group – you can’t pick and choose who each message goes to.

That’s why I prefer to add everyone to the same Pushover account. For my needs, it gives me control over who each message goes to… and my family members don’t have enough interest in setting up Pushover for other things, so having everything under one account doesn’t have any tradeoffs for me personally.

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Thanks Josh. I’ve been trying to figure out option 1 all day. That is the one that will work best for me. I’ll delete the app on my wife’s phone and reinstall and login using my original login.

Selecting the various devices is a must. She will not want all of them!