Pushbullet - send to all devices?

Is it possible to send a notification to all devices rather than having to select a specific device for Pushbullet notifications? The only other option I can see is to add an action for each device I want the notification to go to, but seems a bit redundant and probably counts as multiple messages, rather than one.

Thanks for the feedback, @Travis_Mielonen. Currently you would have to create multiple Notification actions for Pushbullet to target multiple devices. I’ve moved this thread into the Feature Requests category. Feel free to scroll to the top of the thread and cast a vote!

PS. Note that our Pushover integration does provide a multi-select dropdown for selecting one or many devices as their API natively allows sending to multiple device selections.

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Thanks, seems I’ll need to figure out what to do about different family members/devices and Pushover might be best for everyone else - I am a big fan of the advanced options on Pushbullet though.