PSA, all Fire Tablets on sale

Anyone looking for a Fire Tablet they’re all on sale with the HD 10 at 95.00.



I recently bought the HD8 but didn’t like the performance when running FKB on it. Before removing all the amazon stuff it was pretty bad. After removing all the amazon stuff it was much better but I still didn’t like it.

I might grab the HD10 just because its a bit beefier and I think performance will be much better after stripping all the amazon stuff off.

I’ve been using the HD 10’s and been happy with the performance without removing the Amazon overhead.

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Really good to know. Thanks for the feedback. Going to grab one now.

I have both the HD8 and HD10 and both work exactly the same in regard to FKB (no issues)

Sale is back on as of today.

8 is the cheapest I have ever seen it - $60!
For anyone considering the 7 - yes it’s really cheap at $40 - but spend the extra $20 and get the 8 - significantly better performance.