Problems with Wyze Cam Streaming does not show and dropping off continuously

Hi Sharptools tribe. I just begun testing cam streaming in dashboards and have 2 issues to solve:


  • Sharptools in Mac, iOS and Android
  • Wyze Cam V3
  • Tiny Cam PRO
  • Dedicated Android mobile as mini server for Tiny Pro, no other apps installed neither running
  • Streaming link works perfectly in Chrome browser (direct link)
  • Stream video is displayed Ok in Sharptools Media Variable settings screen
  • Stream video is displayed Ok in Chrome browser Sharptools dashboards


  1. In iPhone and Android mobiles dashboards there is no video display. In iOS tiles is display as simple lined tile with no video view at all. In Android the tile has a “broken image” icon. I had checked at the same time Vs browser, Mac Chrome browsers (direct link, Media resource and Dashboards) are streaming ok, mobiles do not.

Dashboard in Mac Chrome browser

Same Dashboard in iPhone (Full Kiosk mode)

  1. After randomly hours (2-48) Tiny Cam connection drops off. “P2P failed to start session (AV_ERR_SESSION_CLOSE_BY_REMOTE)” message is displayed, if I go back to menu and re tap to cam view…everything goes to normal. In couple of time cam web server has been switched off, after switched it on, everything works again.

Any tips or ideas how to solve this two issues. THANKS IN ADVANCE friends…

Were all these tests on a PC/Mac?

Some modern browsers have begun blocking mixed content (HTTP images/streams on an HTTPS page). I would check out the Google Chrome - Mixed Content - Media Not Showing community post for more details.

Also, have you checked if you can access the Media URL directly in your mobile devices browser when you are having the issue? Could be a networking issue.

Have you reached out to the TinyCam developer to see if he has any insight?

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Thanks for your guidance Josh. Just to get more knowledge management. I just solve the Wyze Cam issues.

  1. Seems Tiny Cam Pro connection dropping is about WiFi quality, a reboot of router and free some traffic had made connection more stable.

  2. About displaying in Sharptools Dahsboards. I detected than sometimes viewing access in Mac or Laptop browsers display the video streaming, but other times, a window was displayed asking for Tiny Cam USER/PASSWORD web service, but User/Password parameters are already set in the address link, double check to include all special chars, so I suspected about sending user/password is not working consistently (!!!). I tested deleting User/Password but still no working. Then I decided to delete the cam and its web server and re add the cam, this time, its web server without any user/password and…VOILA ! streaming displays in the tablets and mobiles, most of the times immediately, sometimes takes some seconds, few times no display at all, but I am pretty sure that its about WiFi and internet performance.

Thanks again for your help !


what was your media tile link that worked?

Hi my friend. Link was copied from Tiny Cam Pro Web server…
I found these issues to solve the problem:

  • Strong WiFi Signal for the camera
  • Dedicated Android mobile phone as a miniserver for Tiny Cam Pro, also Strong WiFi signal.
  • The Android mobile phone miniserver has to have enough capacity (processor > 2.5 Ghz + >6 Gb RAM)
  • The Android mobile phone miniserver has to be totally dedicated to Tiny Cam Pro (no other programs).

Are/were you using RTSP, or just using network camera cloud?

Hi my friend, Tiny Cam Pro app connects to Wyze cam and creates a web server, Sharptools can access the Tiny Cam web server streaming. I hope this helps.