Problems with Ewelink

Anyone else having sudden issues with Ewelink devices?
As of yesterday evening I ticked my goodnight tile and nothing happened. Suddenly almost all my devices were blinking on the device, so lost connection. Most regained a solid green light, but they are no longer controllable through anything but the Ewelink app. Even using all lights on or off from the Ewelink app doesn’t work anymore. I have to switch them one by one.

Neither Smartthings, Alexa or Google home are able to control them. In some apps they are there, but unresponsive, other apps they show offline.

The servers at Ewelink have been down I believe. See their FB page. “Now we have found out that the root cause is that our server capacity and scaling strategy is not sufficient to process the giant burst requests around 10 pm, which are generated by a large number of device timers, automated scenes, and other device controls.”

Most recent post says they’re back up and my switches at least seems to be working again. Such a pain getting out of bed to turn off the landing light :roll_eyes: :upside_down_face:


This morning before I left for work I could intermittently use the Ewelink, but couldn’t get the garden lights off.
Came home and all Ewelink worked, but not through Sharptools. After opening Smartthings app all the devices flickered a while on and off on my screen and after that all seems to be working.

Ewelink support responded through messenger and they said there was indeed a network “jitter”.