Problems getting sharp tools to recognize ring doorbell with tasker

@josh I have recently added a ring doorbell to my SmartThings setup. I have subscribed to the Thing in SharpTools (button) however it doesn’t recognize the button push event.

I have a profile set to receive all attributes currently but I have even set it to just accept button. Still nothing. Hope you have some insight.

It depends on how Ring implemented the device in SmartThings. The SharpTools Tasker plugins expose the attributes that a device reports that it supports.

The first step I would take is to check the SmartThings IDE to see if events are being reported for those attributes.

I would also need to see a Description Export of the full profile to better understand what troubleshooting tools are in the profile and to understand what the profile is actually doing.

Things have started to work however, it took almost 24hrs for the profile to be triggered by SharpTools. Now it seems to work correctly everytime I have tested it.

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