Problem with multiple clicks / "command sent" message

Hello guys, I have a two questions about dashboard connected to Hubitat.

  1. Is there a way to block multiple clicks on the button ? I mean - sometimes I accidentally click for excample the switch button two times and then light goes on and off again. Then i must turn it on again… and you know what i mean.
    So I want to set some kind of block which allow to use a button only once per 3 seconds maybe.
    Or maybe I should create some kind of rule on Hubitat itself ?

  2. Second thing - Can I disable “command sent” message on dashboard ? Error message is OK to know that something goes wrong, but I don’t need to see “command sent” message every time I press something.

Thanks for the feedback, @Dawid_F!

  1. For blocking multiple clicks, you could change the security on the tile to require confirmation. This would require one more click to actually send the command though - usually something that’s reserved for security sensitive devices like locks or garage doors.

    I’ve also noted the request to throttle commands. We have some other items in the list which might reduce the need for this though. :sunglasses:

  2. Not at the moment, but I’ve added it to the list. :slight_smile:

Understood, thanks for answer @josh