Problem with Color Control Tile

I’m using Color Control Tile together with Fibaro RGBW-442 and Mariano Edge Driver.
Color control is working great, I can peak whatever color I want and the light change to this color, which is assume since this is my living room ceiling light…

My problem is that the dimming control works great via SmartThings app from my mobile BUT Not working from SharpTools tile. Can you please help

What happens? Do you see any error messages displayed?

I pulled logs and it looks like the commands are being sent on the rgb component of the device you shared in your screenshot.

The rgb component does not have the switchLevel capability, nor the setLevel() command which is why SmartThings is rejecting it.

You could try using the main component directly in your dashboard rather than the rgb component. I’m not sure what the difference between them is or why a separate rgb component is included on that device.

Nothing happen. Yes red error message displayed
Error sending command. and Bar is not updated , I would expect 100% will be on white area while it is always in black area.


Main Component works fine !! ON/OFF ok and also dimming
But no color picker… This requires another tile or Super Tile in order to use.
It will be much more convenient to have it all in same single control… If possible, I can ask the developer of the driver to change something. Can you please help phrasing a question if this can help…

Basically, we would need a single component that has all of the switch / switchLevel / colorControl on a single component.

That way when you tapped on a tile that was associated with a Thing’s component, it would be able to control all of the associated features.

In other words, if he could add the switchLevel capability to the rgb component, I think that would cover what you are looking for.

It does bring up a good point that we assume that a Color Control device would have a level in the Color Control Tile. And apparently there is a device like this which has color and on/off, but no level, so we can tweak that on our side so the dimming control doesn’t show up and it’s more clear that the level feature is missing, but the driver author would need to update the driver as noted above if you want everything controlled in one tile.

Here’s what’s reported for your rgb component currently:


  • switch
  • colorControl
  • Missing: switchLevel


  • off()
  • on()
  • setColor()
  • setHue()
  • setSaturation()
  • Missing: setLevel()

Mariano fixed the driver !! Now working with Sharptools…

  1. suggestion (not critical) , make the slider color as the color of the bulb. This how this displayed in ST app, looks much nicer… This is up to your decision…
  2. Percent can be changed but does displayed in Tile on dashboard and details. In dashboard only % is shown. Can you look on that

Your screenshot of the Capability + Attributes appears to be for the ‘main’ component again.As discussed previously, it sounds like you are using the ‘rgb’ component in your dashboard.

You must compare the same exact device + component as you are using in your tile.

It sounds like your rgb tile has a functional setLevel() command, but the level attribute is not updating:


Update. The developer of the driver for the RGBW device, improved his driver per my and @josh requests. Everything works as expected. % is displayed within Tile. Also, a great addition by Sharptools which I did not know, tile glows in the color of the selected color which looks awesome!!

I recommend that you change the dimming slider color as in ST app

For now looks ,

this is up to your decision…

Thanks you @josh for your support.