Problem adding new devices

I have added new devices at least a half dozen times now. Every time is unfortunately a painful process, because the first, second, and additional attempts never take. There are always some devices that drop off after each attempt, with mere placeholders in their place. At some point it will work, but I’m not sure what makes the difference. What could be going on here?

Most commonly it’s caused by problematic custom device drivers on Hubitat.

It’s most common with custom device drivers that either report a large number of attributes, large amount of data in the attributes, or a combination of both. We’ve also seen devices which declare specific capabilities in their metadata but don’t implement the requisite attributes / commands of the capability can cause issues (I haven’t seen reports of that in a while so perhaps there have been improvements on the Hubitat platform side).

The most common culprits for this are custom weather drivers which often suffer from all of the above issues.

Unfortunately, it seems like a mix of things can happen as a result of these problematic drivers - it can cause the hub’s communication with the Hubitat Cloud Relay to fail and can sometimes even cause the hub itself to slowdown or lockup. Usually a reboot of the hub before attempting the authorization again will clear things up.

Yes, this keeps happening. So what would you suggest for pinpointing the problematic device? Start with unauthorizing the weather device and see if it fixes the problem? Then one by one do the same with devices, in order of how many attributes they have?

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Yeah, I would target devices that fit the description above. Especially custom device handlers with a large number of attributes or attributes with a lot of data.