Prevent Echo Show from Updating

For my fellow users of the Echo Show 15 for dashboards, please take a look at this FAQ from the Fully Kiosk folks . (The Show runs a version of the Fire OS,)

I love the Show 15. It displays dashboards beautifully, and works very well. My fear is that I’ll wake up some morning and Amazon will have installed software that bricks its use as a dashboard.

I sure would like to block future updates but haven’t found a way to do so. I’ve found a few articles on the web, and there are several YouTube videos as well. But the fixes I’ve found so far rely on obsolete apps.

If anyone is successful in resolving this problem, please post the solution for us.

@Justin_Newbury I did a quick search through your videos and didn’t see anything about blocking Fire OS updates, but wasn’t sure if I just missed something. Have you tackled this topic before?

I agree. Mine has been super stable displaying my dashboard for weeks on end, but over the past ~2 weeks I think it might have received some updates as I’ve caught it on the Echo Show screen a few times and have had to manually open Fully Kiosk. Smooth sailing since then, but it brings your concern about future Echo Show / Fire OS updates blocking things. :grimacing:

You might be able to disable the Fire Updates using the Fire Toolbox. You will need a windows computer, USB cable and your Fire tablet of course.

Amazon has disabled some functions of the Fire Toolbox based on your current Fire OS software.

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Thanks, @Justin_Newbury.

Do you (or anyone else!) know if this capability is actually included in Fire Toolbox?

Is the port on the back of the Show 15 usable for this?

I bought a Fire HD 10 recently and ran the toolbox. Some of the features did not work, including disabling Fire OS updates. I suspected that Amazon is trying to close these loopholes. It has not been a problem for me but I agree that I would not use this in a PRD environment such as your parents home. I think chances are high that a future update will overwrite your setup.

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