Presence sensors (life360) not updating in sharptools


We have 4 presence sensors (phones) and I’m using hubitat with life360 tracker release.
Today 6 hours ago 3 of my presence sensors do not update in sharptools anymore. According Sharptools they are not present even though they are present. Hubitat shows them as present and so does life360 apllication too. One on them is present and seems to work. For some reason 3 of them are not updating to Sharptools dashboard anymore. Any idea why is this happening?

It works now. Updated sharptools devices in hubitat side and that seem to refresh presence information.

Thanks for the update! When you reauthorize devices, the devices are synced over to SharpTools including an updated snapshot of the state. You may want to test that the presence values are being reported when they change. (eg. next time someone leaves the home, check that SharpTools gets the updated state).

As to some high-level troubleshooting steps:

  • Refresh the browser displaying
    • When the SharpTools web app is first loaded, it performs a series of health checks including attempting to clean up any missing event subscriptions.
  • Check the device details screen in SharpTools to make sure the presence attribute is in solid black to indicate that it’s subscribed to event changes.
  • In the SharpTools ‘app’ configuration within Hubitat, flip the logging switch on, then watch the logs when a device’s presence changes to make sure that (1) the device is updating as expected (2) Hubitat is notifying SharpTools of the event