Presence sensor IF statement

Hi Guys,

So i use Tado for my Smart Heating and this has its own built in presence sensor. I can see this in Sharp Tools, this sensor knows if i am home or away and this is what i want rather than using Life 360.

My Wife iPhone as well as my iPhone shows up in Sharp Tools. I am getting a bit lost in IF statements. What i am trying to do is if we are both away then switch x device off. But if one of us is home but soneon is not to not switch off x device.

Thanks in advance

It sounds both of you and your wife’s presence should be used in the Rule Trigger, so when either one is changed to not present, the rule will be kicked off. Then use an IF condition to check if both of you are not present. If so, turn the device off.

Is this what your are looking for?

Sorry for the delay in replying James. Thanks so much for the reply. I have set this now and will check it out next time we are both away from the house.

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Hi James.

So i set this up last night. I went to drop my son off this morning and my Mrs said all the lights went off a little while after i left. Can you see anything wrong with the setup? She was still at home so should not have been set to not present

The rule looks alright. You can check the Rule Log and verify if the rule was actually triggered at the time when you left, and how the rule was performed. Ex: I can tell if the IF condition(s) logic in the rule flow is matched, and what actions the rule executed.

Thanks James. I checked ST and i could see her Tado iPhone presence sensor was set to last contact 6 days ago and had not info for her. I have deleted the Tado app and set her up again.

I can see it connected in ST again, Ive updated the Sharp Tools rule so will test again tomorrow when one of us goes out.

Just on the logs point. When i went out this morning at 8.30 there were no logs recorded for me, but when i went out at 6pm tonight there was. Will report back tomorrow.

Can you verify if your presence was changed at 8:30am in SmartThings? No rule log record simply means the rule was not triggered (no relevant event occurred). I am not familiar with the Tado app and its presence sensor, but, from it sounds, the issue can be it simply miss reporting the event to SmartThings though.

I would also note that the default log view is the last three hours, so you have to adjust the time range accordingly.

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Hi. Yep saw that it only went back a few hours but changed the time frame to when i went out but nothing is showing as logged. But its 100% triggered as my Mrs was working and all lights went off.

I am sure the issue is my Mrs presence sensor was not reporting correctly. Will now know for sure tomorrow when she goes out.