Presence monitoring


I was using life360 in smartthings for some device monitoring/presence. Since Im not sure it will still work after the migration, I saw that sharptools could help, but it seem to be with a tasker app

Is that still true? Is there a way to make it work, without a paid app ?


@plb44 , I have this question as well. I use life360 and the presence monitoring for several rules. It would be a big bummer if there is no alt option for this.

I’ll post back here if I find something.

SharpTools rules can operate in their own without Tasker. You can monitor presence in a rule and act accordingly. I believe that the Life360 integration with SmartThings is going away Sept 30 so we have to use something else, like monitoring phone presence directly through SmartThings. I now track presence of my phone in SmartThings as a test for when Life360 goes away and it seems to work ok. It might be a bit delayed so I might have to expand my geofence so it triggers sooner.