Prefix for weather tile attributes

As I’ve been experimenting with some of the weather drivers for my needs, it would be great to be able to set a user specified prefix to prefix all the attributes with Weather Tile - Custom Device Definition - #2 by josh such as “sharp_” so the attributes would be sharp_weather, etc.

The use case for my needs is to maintain the functionality of a community driver, while allowing customization needed for the attributes to drive the weather tile. When I ran into cases of conflicts between the driver and SharpTools names, it was sometimes messy to do a rename/replace. This would also help simplify maintainability as diffs with the upstream driver code would be much smaller.

I understand the appeal of custom solutions, but the current attributes are designed with standardization in mind. Using established standards typically leads to more maintainable and universal code. Can you provide details on the specific customizations you’re making to the driver? That way, we can better understand your needs and see if there’s a way to meet them within the existing framework.

Thanks for the quick reply Josh, I’m using this driver GitHub - dJOS1475/Hubitat_WU_Driver: Enhanced Weather Underground Driver for Hubitat and here’s a screenshot of some of the mapping updates done. Maybe just an alternative SharpTools specific namespace for attributes like “” that could also be used. Looking back now that it’s working, the actual needed changes were trivial, just debugging was slow.