Power Outage detection?

Is it possible to detect house power loss (e.g. - hub loses power) and have notification sent? The SharpTools rule engine is in the cloud, right?

I don’t see any attributes for my hub…

Hoping someone smarter than me has a solution.

I don’t know of any way to detect it via a hub, but I do have a hardware power monitoring solution which involves using a 120V relay and a Zwave or Zigbee device with dry contacts. If you’re interested in doing it that way I can post details.

Yeah, I’d be interested in seeing your solution. Thanks

You need 2 items.
120V relay:

A sensor with dry contacts, this, for example:

The 120V relay gets plugged into the AC. It has normally open and normally closed contacts. Depending on your Zwave or Zigbee sensor, you use one of those contacts hooked up to the dry contacts on the Z-wave/Zigbee sensor.

The Z-wave/Zigbee senor is connected to your hub and reports the status of the dry contacts. So when you lose power, the 120V relay device reports that to the Z-wave/Zigbee sensor which reports the change in status to the hub. So when power is on the Z-wave/Zigbee sensor will report open or closed, which you translate to power on, and vice versa when there is no power. Your hub and Internet connection must be on battery backup power for this to work, obviously.

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You could do it with a couple hardware devices for about $50 - $60 bucks. You need a door/window sensor like the Ecolink DWZWAVE2.5-ECO, as it has a set of dry contacts inside. You need a 12vdc relay with at least a set of normally closed contacts that can be powered from a 12v wall wart. Wire the NC contacts to the dry contacts inside the Ecolink. Include it into Smartthings. Make sure that Smartthings and your network hardware are powered always (UPS). You can set whatever push messages or email or SMS you want for when the Ecolink says it’s open, which will happen on mains power loss when the relay loses power. If you want, I’ll post a back-of-the-napkin wiring diag. for you.

lol, saw your reply after I hit send on mine - I’d left it on the screen for a few hours while I took care of chores.

You can use an old android phone (or a new cheap burner phone) and tasker as a power failure Sensor.

You can also use that phone as a light sensor with tasker.

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Do you have a Hubitat hub at the location you are trying to monitoring the other house from? I have an App for Hubitat that can ping a remote IP address and tell you if its up or not. Thats how I can tell if my cabin power goes out from my house. No hardware needed.


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Very Cool!

I have an extra monoprice sensor that looks just like this one, laying around doing nothing. Guess I have a project for next week! :laughing:

What’s the physical connection from the relay to the sensor? I’ve never broken mine open, other than to change the battery…

Wire from the NC (normally closed) contacts of the relay to the two terminals inside the sensor. Twisted pair of 18ga - 22ga will be just fine. If you can enclose everything in a project box, even better!
Remember, the NC and NO contacts are named for their position in the active state, i.e., energized.