Power Between or Power Change Threshold

Does anyone know of a way to set a power trigger that is between a certain wattage? For example, I want to set a trigger when the Power of my range hood is between 10 Watts and 50 Watts (higher than what powers the lights, but less than what powers the fan), but I can’t figure out a way to do it. I’m also interested in reducing the observance threshold of what’s considered a change. By default, I’m seeing a change triggered with as little as a 0.009 change in wattage. I can negate this and end the rule using Ifs, but it’s triggering far more often than I would like and eating up resources unnecessarily (on average, at least, twice per minute). I’d like to see if it’s possible to set it so that changes of less than 1 Watt are ignored.
Does anyone know if I can do these things?

I would have two rules to track the power state you are looking for. The first rule will be to keep track of if the power goes above 10w and below 50w with each energy threshold having its own variable to track it:

The trigger is essentially just to track power changes. Depending on how things operate you may need to adjust this higher or lower to get all of the needed power level changes. If the range changes too often then you might hit rate limits which will require breaking the trigger out into 3 or 4 triggers (1 for above 10w, one for below 50w, one for above 50, and one for below 10).

If power goes above 10w, then the above 10w variable ($TESTRangeAbove10w) is set to true and if it’s below 10w that variable will be set to false. Likewise if power is below 50w that variable ($TESTRangeBelow50w) will be set to true and it will be set to false when it goes above.

The second rule will be to track the two variable’s state:

If both the above 10w and below 50w variables are true, then the tracker variable ($TESTRangeWithinRange) will be set to true. Otherwise, it’ll be set to false.

You would then use that tracker variable ($TESTRangeWithinRange) state change as your trigger and if conditions (similar to the second rule) in your automation control rule.

Not sure on the second part. I think you might have to try to tweak reporting from the device itself (some have thresholds or time limits you can set).

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