Possibility of using SharpTools via CATT on Google Home Hub?

I am currently looking into using CATT to display my dashboards on the Google Home Hub. When trying to display the SharpTools dashboard it will just show the login screen, and since I don´t have a keyboard I cannot enter any information.

Would it be possible to use some kind of unique Dashboard URL that will work without password (but still be secure) ?

We have a touch-based phone login which can be used for this purpose:

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Very nice. I will have to check this out :slight_smile:

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I was intrigued by your desire to use Catt for your home displays. All I can find about it is it’s basically code right? It seems a pretty intense set up.

There is some amount of setting up, but it is not that intense. I followed some instructions to set it up for testing on my Windows PC, but plan to setup a Pi with this.

The installation is mainly Python and then get Catt via that. I followed these easy instructions: https://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch001980.htm

It seems that this might work. My idea is to have a voice command to launch the dashboard.


OK thanks. I’ll try it out and see how bad I meees it up! :sweat_smile:

Did you ever manage to get this voice activated? I would like to be able to display the Sharptools dashboard when motion is detected and use Nest HUB, but there are other Android alternatives that can also do this.