Possibility of using SharpTools via CATT on Google Home Hub?

I am currently looking into using CATT to display my dashboards on the Google Home Hub. When trying to display the SharpTools dashboard it will just show the login screen, and since I don´t have a keyboard I cannot enter any information.

Would it be possible to use some kind of unique Dashboard URL that will work without password (but still be secure) ?

We have a touch-based phone login which can be used for this purpose:

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Very nice. I will have to check this out :slight_smile:

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I was intrigued by your desire to use Catt for your home displays. All I can find about it is it’s basically code right? It seems a pretty intense set up.

There is some amount of setting up, but it is not that intense. I followed some instructions to set it up for testing on my Windows PC, but plan to setup a Pi with this.

The installation is mainly Python and then get Catt via that. I followed these easy instructions: How to Send Video Files from Your Computer to a Chromecast

It seems that this might work. My idea is to have a voice command to launch the dashboard.


OK thanks. I’ll try it out and see how bad I meees it up! :sweat_smile:

Did you ever manage to get this voice activated? I would like to be able to display the Sharptools dashboard when motion is detected and use Nest HUB, but there are other Android alternatives that can also do this.

Been playing with Sharptools for a few weeks now… getting the hang, and getting some good dashboards together… I hadn;t even thought about using Google Hubs to display until a friend mentioned he just bought a nest hub to display his hubitat dashboards on… Well - if he can do that, then I want to aswell, right?

I am wall to wall google, and just gone smartthings, with sharptools as a friendly dashboard. So I saw two options… 1) Simply cast the sharptools site to a google home. Ok, that works EXCEPT you have no touch control on the nest… It had never occurred to me that ChromeCast was “one way” in that sense - on the recieving device you have no control over the displayed content…

Ok, ok, so 2) Just open sharptools.io direct on the google hub - right? Well this does work - you have to use the phone logon method mentioned above (no complex SSO, google or even https logon supported on the onboard browser on the Hub. This works, fine. Great. Except I have not found a way to make the browser/dashboard site stay the focus on the hub - it times out and goes back to the ambient mode. That would be ok, but then when you go back to the sharptools site - you have to logon again … Am I missing something obvious here?

Is this why CATT is an option - to cast and retain touch screen control???



Yes. The Google Home devices automatically revert to the home screen / screensaver after a period of time (10 minutes?), so some people use integrations like CATT to automate keeping their dashboards open or to open them when certain events occur (eg. motion detected).

The Google Home displays for dashboards still remain a less-than-ideal option for this reason in my opinion. (I still have them throughout my house for voice control and I’m with you that they could be awesome for this if Google would better support it).

Thanks… I’ll take a closer look at catt, but at first glance it looked a bit heavy for what I need… May just concede this one for now…


Old thread, but trying.
I’m able to cast my dashboard to my nest hub, but I can’t seem to get it to display it in full screen. Any pointers?

That depends on what you mean by “full screen”. You can append ?kiosk=true to the URL to have your dashboard automatically open in “kiosk mode” which hides the main navigation elements.