Possibilities for an Ikea switch

I have an Ikea switch that I want to use in a routine
When I press the options for the contact I can see the following:
and many more options. . .

The only functions I can get to work are pushed and held.
I can’t get the other options such as double and pushed_2x to work.

What is the secret of the other functions?

I believe the Ikea switch is not officially supported, you’re using custom drivers?
I also have some Ikea switches and they do indeed report many more options than the switch can do.

It’s a bit trial and error for which ones you can use, they are the same as the ones in Smartthings.

The Styrbar supports left and right button single push. The upper and lower button support single and long push (held).

Thanks, otherwise it would have been a good option for a simple automation.

It is though, you just need to select the corresponding option. They do work.

I use 2 in my garage for the gates…

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